Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry strives to gain the benefits of oral health for all children and adolescents in Kentucky, and beyond, regardless their systemic and mental condition and abilities. 

Division Chief: Cristina Perez, DDS, MSDivision Chief

Patient Care

UK Dentistry provides comprehensive dentistry for children newborn to age 18, including children with special healthcare needs. Visit our patient care/dental clinic section for more information

Faculty, Residents & Externs

Full-Time Faculty
Perez DingrandoSingerTurner



From left to right: Cristina Perez, DDS, MS, Division Chief; Kelly Dingrando, DMD; Ronald Singer, DDS; and Erwin G. Turner, DMD

Part-time Clinical Faculty
Wendy Humphrey, DMD
Julie Keller, DMD
Lisa Kochis, DDS, MS
Dr. Eric Jacobson 
Dr. Jane Katherine Jones 
Dr. Morgan Larkin 
Dr. Alexandria Maxson 
Dr. Yvonne Tijerina-Burleson
From left to right: Natalia Caballero, DMD; Elizabeth Lewis, DMD; Aneesha Reddy, DMD; and Heather Washburn, DMD

Educational and Clinical Emphasis

The development of skills in clinical pediatric dentistry is a primary program objective.  However, because of the need for pediatric dentists in teaching, research and public health positions, a strong secondary objective is to stimulate an interest in these areas. Upon program completion, the resident receives a certificate in pediatric dentistry and meets the eligibility requirements of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

The Program has strong clinical and didactic components with a focus on:
•    treatment of medically, mentally, and physically compromised children and adolescents
•    hospital and pharmacological management of patients
•    management of the developing dentition for children and adolescents under the supervision of full-time pediatric faculty/orthodontists.  

The didactic curriculum consists of a series of interrelated seminars and courses regarding general pediatric oral health care, care of the handicapped and chronically ill child, and diagnosis and treatment of occlusion problems in the primary, mixed and young permanent dentitions. The 24-month program includes a core curriculum, specialty coursework, and a wide range of clinical experiences.

The program benefits from being administratively located in a College of Dentistry, but with residents being full-time house staff in the University of Kentucky Hospital.

Percent of Resident's Time Spent:
Didactic 30%
Clinical Experience 50%
Research 15%
Teaching 5%


The pediatric dentistry facilities include modern clinical, seminar and research facilities on the second floor of the Kentucky Clinic and on the fourth floor of the College of Dentistry wing of the UK Medical Center. Extramural clinical activity in the College of Dentistry’s mobile vans are components of the clinical experience.



Dr. Cristina Perez

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Dr. Erwin Turner

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