The mission of the Division of Orthodontics is to improve the dental health of the citizens of Kentucky by providing the highest quality orthodontic care, to advance the specialty of orthodontics by educating knowledgeable, skilled clinicians, and by conducting research in the field. 


G. Thomas Kluemper, DMD, MS, Division Chief 
Mohamed Bazina, BDS, MSD
Cynthia S. Beeman, DDS, PhD, Graduate Program Director
James K. Hartsfield, Jr., DMD, PhD, E. Preston Hicks Endowed Professor
Lorri A. Morford, PhD
Lina Sharab, DDS, MS, MSC
Stephanos Kyrkanides, DDS, PhD, MS

Part-Time Clinical Faculty


Third Year

Ortho Third YearsFrom left:

  • Dr. Ryan Garbarino  |  Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida |  Dental School: University of North Carolina 
  • Dr. Alex Kluemper  |  Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky |  Dental School: University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Shelby Sheeran  |  Hometown: Elizabethown, Kentucky |  Dental School: University of Kentucky

Second Year

Second Year OrthoFrom left:

  • Dr. Chris Fanelli  |  Hometown:  Lancaster, PA  |  Dental School: University of Utah
  • Dr. Sana Naheed  |  Hometown:  Nizamabad, India  |  Dental School: Maharashtra University of Health Science
  • Dr. Kellye Sutherland |  Hometown:  Dayton, OH  |  Dental School: University of Kentucky

First Years

First Year OrthoFrom left:

  • Dr. Fayrouz Bazina | Hometown: Libya | Dental School: Garyounis University
  • Dr. Eric Shrestha | Hometown: Tallahassee, FL | Dental School: University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Dana Veis | Hometown: San Diego, CA | Dental School: University of Kentucky


Ortho ExternsFrom left:

  • Dr. Loiy Alshami | Hometown:  Amman, Jordan  | Dental School:  University of Jordan
  • Dr. Katie Jo Hunt | Hometown: Fort Meyers, FL | Dental School:  University of New England College of Dental Medicine
  • Dr. Megan Tallman | Hometown:  Cincinnati, OH | Dental School:  University of Kentucky

Educational Program Overview

Our Orthodontic Graduate Program is a thirty-four month, graduate level curriculum, upon the successful completion of which, the student receives a Master of Science degree and a Certificate to practice orthodontics. Three applicants are accepted into the program annually. The program begins in early August.

The Division of Orthodontics also offers a year-long Craniofacial Biology Externship Program providing in-depth exposure to basic and clinical research, primarily in the areas of bone biology, genetics and/or orthodontics. The externship also provides a broad diversity of didactic and clinical exposures to orthodontics and craniofacial biology to help develop critical thinking skills in clinical and scholarly activities.

Clinical Activities

The Orthodontic Graduate Program provides a robust clinical experience in comprehensive orthodontics, with emphasis on goal-oriented diagnosis and treatment of different malocclusions. Faculty members teach multiple treatment modalities, including functional therapy, comprehensive and interceptive care, straight-wire systems, lingual therapy, and clear removable aligner treatment.

Interdisciplinary care is also emphasized in the graduate clinic. These team approaches to comprehensive care include surgical orthodontics, treatment in the mixed dentition, accelerated orthodontics in conjunction with periodontics and esthetic dentistry involving collaboration with periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and restorative dentistry. Diagnosis and treatment of patients with cleft lip/palate and other craniofacial anomalies is included.

All clinical treatment is conducted under an attending model, which fosters best-evidence based approaches and creative/critical thinking. Faculty model ABO standards and certification, and cultivate a culture of clinical excellence among residents.

Teaching and Research Activities

Graduate students are involved as teaching assistants in the DMD curriculum during their second and third year. They take an active part in all three components of the courses by preparing some lectures, directing small group discussion and providing clinical coverage for the dental students. Such experience is limited to the orthodontic component of the DMD curriculum and students receive a stipend for this effort. This stipend amounts to $2175 over an 11 month period each year.

Graduate students must successfully investigate and defend an independent research project before they graduate. They are required to identify a topic and select an advisor by the completion of their first semester. Students are encouraged to first pursue their natural sense of curiosity, as there are many resources available within the college, Medical Center and land-grant campus. Award-winning research is being conducted in our program within the college, and students are required to publicly present and defend their research, and to prepare a manuscript suitable for publication that is unanimously acceptable to their MS degree research committee.


Welcome to our incoming Orthodontic Graduate Program Residents, the Class of 2023!
  • Dr. Fayrouz Bazina
  • Dr. Eric Shrestha
  • Dr. Dana Veis
Congratulations to our 2020 Orthodontic Program Graduates!
We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
  • Dr. Carli (Antor) Loss will continue her career in a private orthodontic practice in Knoxville, TN.
  • Dr. George Jeryn Jacob will continue his career in a private orthodontic practice in Texas.
  • Dr. Divakar Karanth will continue his career in an academic position at the University of Florida.
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