Scholarships are the best type of financial assistance available because there are no repayment obligations. 

The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry provides scholarship opportunities for students in Years 1-4.  However, since scholarships from the University or the College are limited, students are encouraged to seek scholarship assistance from sources outside the institution. These may be found through community agencies, local civic groups, churches, state dental societies, and various other venues.

Notices of scholarships from sources outside the University become available throughout the year. Information is provided and all student dentists are given consideration in accordance with criteria specified by the scholarship and encouraged to apply. These scholarships may be for one time or they may be recurring. They may be based on community service, specific career goals, academic performance, financial need, leadership potential or a variety of other criteria.

A word of caution! Be wary of agencies that claim to “guarantee” scholarships, then charge a fee for their services. There are many scholarship scams from agencies offering claims of guaranteed “Free” money, but charge you for finding it. Beware! You should never have to pay for free money.


Scholarships Administered by the Financial Aid Office (PDF)

Scholarships from Other Sources (PDF) 


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