The UK College of Dentistry (UKCD) Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Program is a student-centered program. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring our students are successful by providing as much assistance, resources, and services as possible to help students complete their degrees with the skills and knowledge needed to practice as a highly competent dentist.

As a prospective DMD student considering UKCD, we encourage you to explore and become aware of the resources below. 

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)​

Entering students will complete the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) and participate in a follow-up seminar. The LASSI consists of “a 10-scale, 60-item assessment of students’ awareness about and use of learning and study strategies related to skill, will, and self-regulation components of strategic learning.” For a full list and description of each scale, visit HH Publishing’s LASSI website

After completing the assessment, which takes about 10-15 minutes, students are provided with a score report with a score of 1-99 for each of the 10-scales. “Students who score above the 75th percentile often do not need to work on the strategies or skills for that scale. Students who score between the 75th and the 50th percentile on any scale should consider improving the relevant learning and study skills to optimize their academic performance. Students who score below the 50th percentile usually need to improve their relevant knowledge and skills” and should seek academic assistance (HH Publishing, 2016).

Students can learn more about how to interpret their results and improve their learning and study strategies by clicking here. In addition, students have access to UKCD’s LASSI and Learning Styles Academic Success Seminar or can make an appointment with the College’s Academic Advisor. The LASSI is offered online through the UKCD Academic and Student Affairs Office.


UKCD’s DMD Program is an intense, professional school program. Students take heavy course loads full of stimulating, foundational science and dental courses. Sometimes these courses can pose challenges for even the brightest students. Thus, we provide group and one-on-one tutoring to assist our students in commonly tough courses. 

Cost of Tutoring: Tutoring is provided free of charge to our students. 

Who Tutors: Upper-class dental students, who have successfully negotiated challenging courses.

Group Tutoring Sessions: During group tutoring sessions, several tutors will be present to meet with students and assist them one-on-one and/or in small groups with course material and/or hand-skills. Group tutoring sessions often take place three to four days in advance of any exams, practicals and/or projects. Additional tutoring is offered multiple times in advance of exams, practicals and/or projects for extra challenging courses and hand skills. 

One-on-One Tutoring: Although we mostly offer group tutoring sessions, there are special circumstances where students may require a one-on-one tutor. Students on academic probation and/or who have had their course directors request a one-on-one tutor for them can receive individual assistance. 

Academic Success Seminars

Many graduate programs require more time management skills and different learning and study strategies than students have used before. Students often find themselves somewhat unprepared to balance everything. UKCD provides the below resources. 

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory and Learning Styles | One hour, two-part seminar. Part one provides an overview of the LASSI, and how to interpret/use LASSI results to improve academic skill sets. Part two offers an overview of different learning styles and how to connect one’s learning style to the instruction they will receive at UKCD. Students will complete a learning styles assessment and participate in group discussions.

Active Note Taking | Students are provided with effective means for taking reading and lecture notes, as well as how to combine these notes for studying. Also, students are afforded material on converting notes into study aids for exams. Students will complete a note taking exercise and participate in group discussions.

Forming Effective Study Groups & Utilizing Resources | Geared toward informing students about choosing good study group members, students are provided with information on effective ways to prepare and run study group sessions. The seminar will provide students with additional study aids to utilize for academic success. Students will complete short group activities and participate in group discussions.

Test Taking Strategies/Coping with Test Anxiety | One hour, two-part seminar. Part one provides different test taking strategies. Part two focuses on describing testing anxiety and its causes/symptoms, as well as on healthy and effective coping mechanisms. Students will complete a short term and long term goal sheet and participate in group discussions.

Selecting Main Ideas & Information Processing | This seminar covers how to select main ideas from text and presentations, as well as how to efficiently and effectively process this information. Students will watch a short video, complete a selecting main ideas activity and participate in group discussions.

Time Management | Students will learn how to efficiently and effectively structure their daily lives, including personal, social, and school related activities. Students will participate in group discussions.

Academic Advising

The Office of Academic and Student Affairs provides guidance and support for current DMD students to advise in navigating courses, support with personal/professional challenges, and additional resources (cv/personal statement writing, learning assessment/learning style difference, school/life balance resources). The College’s Academic Advisor serves as an additional layer of student support to aid in providing programming relating to student success, and as a liaison to direct students to resources, as needed. 

Appointments can be made directly with the Academic Advisor to discuss academic progress, study strategies, note-taking, time management, etc.

Faculty Advisor assignments are made when the student enrolls and students will usually meet with their advisor during orientation. You are encouraged to get together with your advisor periodically to discuss your progress in the curriculum and your plans following graduation.

Mindfulness Information

Mindfulness resources and information is available here.

Pre-Dental Students Providing Patient Care Abroad

The UK College of Dentistry understands that many students are taking the opportunity to gain dental experience in other countries where regulations are not as strict as the United States or Canada. While these activities provide great opportunities for service to people in need, in some instances, serious ethical situations related to patient care can arise.

Recognizing the potential concerns that face students participating in international patient service activities, the American Dental Education Association has developed specific guidelines related to patient care. Click here to read ADEA Guidelines for Pre-dental Students Providing Patient Care During Clinical Experiences Abroad.

UK Pre-dental Society 

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