Research Awards

Congratulations to the following individuals on receiving support for their research efforts: 


See the 2022 COHR newsletter (PDF) for award information and more


Student and Resident Research Fellowships

Participant: Taylor “Daisy” Wyatt, DS3
Mentor: Dr. Howard Roberts
Project Title: Hydrostatic Pulpal Pressure Effect on Microleakage


Participants: Linda Sangalli
Mentor: Dr. Ian Boggero
Project Title: Establishing the Effectiveness of BBTI vs. PSR on sleep and pain parameters in Adults with Musculoskeletal Orofacial Pain

Participant: Mohamed Adel
Mentor: Dr. Lorri Morford
Project Title: Association-Analysis of Genetic-Markers Implicated in Dentoalveolar-Phenotypes and Individuals with Class-II-Division-2-Malocclusion

Periodontal Student Research Fellowship

Participant: Addison Riney
Mentor: Dr. Marcelo B de A Mattos
Project Title: The in vitro effect of commercial mouth rinses on different surfaces present on the oral cavity.


ADEA Student Research Fellowship
Project Title: Correlations Suggesting Periodontal Disease Perpetuates Societal Disadvantages  
Focus: Gathering data from UKCD patient population that identifies specific ways in which periodontitis has directly affected their physical and psychological health. 
Participants (from left): Jinju Kim and Elizabeth Le 


Dr. Gene Lewis Fellowship
Project Title: Evaluation of risk factors for periodontal disease susceptibility in underserved populations
Focus: Study microbial profile, inflammatory response to bacteria, and the role of social and psychosocial factors from patients of different racial backgrounds. Associate all the results with periodontal clinical parameters. This investigation will shed light into the different predisposition of each group to periodontal disease. 
Participants: Dr. Rubelisa Candido Gomes de Oliveira

de Oliveira

UK Igniting Research Collaborative Projects
Project Title: Anti-inflammatory and gingival absorption properties of a new mPGES-1 inhibitor
ParticipantsDr. Octavio Gonzalez (pictured below), Pharmacy-Zhan

Project Title: Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory nanoparticles for periodontal disease Partisipants: Dr. Octavio Gonzalez (pictured above), Engineering-Rankin/Knutson

Project Title: Opioid Prescribing in Dentistry: Building and Implementing a Framework to Nudge Provider Behavior
Participants (from left): Dr. Craig Miller, Dr. Marcia Rojas, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Public Health



UKCD Student Research Fellowship
Raymond McLagan, Class of 2021


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