UKCD Strategic Plan


Advancements in patient care, education, research, and community engagement, for the benefit of Kentuckians and beyond, are made possible by our college’s scientifically oriented, technically capable, and culturally sensitive oral health team.


Be a model for oral health education, discovery, and service as our innovations advance the practice of dentistry.

Values (Cure)

  • Compassion: We strive to be understanding and empathize with those with whom we interact as we work toward fulfilling the needs of our community.
  • Unity: We work to create and maintain an environment of mutual respect, transparency, inclusiveness, and equity as a means of offering a welcoming community to all to collaborate and grow within.
  • Respect: In support of a people-centric environment inclusive of all, we treat ourselves, each other, and those we serve with dignity. We appreciate the diversity of thought, opinion, experience, and backgrounds present in our community.
  • Excellence: To transform and innovate the field of dentistry for the better, we will persistently challenge ourselves to excel in all that we do to advance education, patient care, community service, and research.


  • Education: Transform our predoctoral and doctoral dentistry program learners into accomplished general practitioners and specialists, and support meaningful lifelong learning opportunities for healthcare professionals.
  • Clinical Care: Offer a superior patient experience by providing leading-edge, patient-centered care supported by advancements in clinical education and digital dentistry.
  • Community Engagement: Establish UK College of Dentistry as a leader for quality oral health in Kentucky through building relationships, community education, and treatment opportunities outside main campus.
  • Research: Prevent and alleviate oral diseases in Kentucky based on research and discovery.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Establish, expand, and encourage blueprints, policies, and best practices enabling an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.
  • Leadership: Provide a positive, supportive environment to ensure the sustainable delivery of efforts allowing for the accomplishment of the college’s mission.

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