Periodontology and Implantology International Program

The UKCD offers an advanced educational experience in periodontology for qualified international dentists. This program provides didactic and clinical observational experiences in the areas of periodontology and implantology.

Didactic and Clinical Emphasis

The didactic component of the program consists of seminars, lectures, and directed readings.  Normally, these activities will account for 6-10 hours per week and will provide the student with an evidenced-based foundation in periodontology, implantology, and related basic biomedical science.  The clinical training portion of the fellowship will involve observation and assistance in periodontal and implant procedures, and will usually consist of around 20 hours per week.  There will be required readings and other assignments that may require 6-8 hours of preparation outside of the classroom and clinic. Therefore, the participant can expect to spend approximately 850-900 hours in didactic learning and another 960 hours in clinical education. 

Participants may choose to participate in a research project and may write a review article on a topic related to periodontology and Implantology.

Requirements for Admission

Only individuals with a dental degree will be eligible for consideration for admission to the program.  Participants will be responsible for all costs associated with the program.  It is understood that a position in the program will not displace any United States citizen from employment.

  • Starting date: July 1
  • Degree/Certificate offered: Certificate
  • Length of program: 1 year
  • Tuition: $28,000 USD for the basic program

Those individuals who actually treat patients under the supervision of the faculty will be assessed additional fees. Those who do very well will be considered for admission to the Graduate Program in Periodontology. However, applicants are advised that admission to the Graduate Program is quite competitive.

Application Instructions

If you are interested in the International Education Program in Periodontology and Implantology, please complete this online College of Dentistry International Education Graduate Periodontology application, and send a letter of intent, CV, certified copy of dental degree or transcript, and two letters of recommendation directly to Dr. Mohanad Al-Sabbagh, Division Chief

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I need a US dental license in order to apply?
No. You will need to apply for and receive a special academic license for the state of Kentucky, but that is generally not a problem.  The decision to grant such a license is given by the state dental board and is not under our direct control.  In the past, however, this has not been an issue.

2. I am a foreign dental graduate. Can I apply?
Yes, the purpose of the program is to attract high-caliber international dentists.

 3. What is the difference between the three-year Graduate Program and the one year International Program?
The three-year program leads to a certificate which enables the individual to be licensed as a periodontal specialist and to sit for the examination of the American Board of Periodontology. Such a certificate is generally required to teach periodontology in most American dental schools.

4. Upon completion of the International Program, am I guaranteed admission to the Graduate Program in Periodontology?
No. However, those who do well in the International Program would be expected to be strong applicants for positions in the Graduate Program and are encouraged to apply.

5. Will I be permitted to treat patients during the program?
All participants will be expected to assist during patients procedures. However, the decision as to whether a given trainee will be permitted to actually perform diagnostic, non-surgical, or surgical procedures will be made on an individual basis by the Program Director. If a participant is given the option of performing procedures, then additional fees will be required.


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