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Inclement Weather/Plan B
Plan B is the University’s operations plan for inclement weather and emergency closing.   
To ensure continuity of patient care, the UK College of Dentistry clinical operations will remain open and vital services will be provided, even if there is a temporary suspension or alteration of normal operations under Plan B. Academic activities, such as classes and seminars, that are not related to clinical operations will be canceled or delayed when the University of Kentucky orders cancellation or delay of classes.
Certain College of Dentistry employee positions are essential for delivery of care, vital services and access. Employees in these positions are “Designated” for Plan B unless specifically exempted. Other College of Dentistry employees may be “Designated” for Plan B by their supervisors.  Employees “Designated” for Plan B operations shall report to work on their regular work schedule. “Designated” employees are responsible for monitoring weather conditions and for planning and securing transportation to and from work. “Designated” employees who do not report to work or report late shall not be paid for work missed and may be subject to corrective action. “Designated” employees who are directed not to report to work by their department will be paid Emergency Leave.  “Designated” employees who work during a Plan B event, will receive time off with pay on another scheduled work day within six (6) weeks of the closure. Employees who are “Designated via Remote Access” are to work remotely during the course of the Plan B event.    
Supervisors are to review with their employees annually if they are considered “Designated” or “Non-Designated.” If you are not sure, please check with your supervisor.   
It is extremely rare for the UK ambulatory clinics to be closed. Should the University make the rare announcement that the UK Ambulatory Clinics will be closed, it will include the College of Dentistry Clinics.    
Inclement Weather Plan for Employees Working Remotely
One of the following two scenarios should apply (employees who work from home should check with their supervisors to confirm which applies to them):

  1. An employee working from home whose work is dependent upon other employees or departments to complete work would fall under the Emergency Closing hours guideline (employee would not work until University re-opening) and receive Emergency Closing compensatory time or pay for hours of emergency closure.
  2. An employee working from home whose work does not depend upon other employees or departments would work as normal (their working from home is not impacted by Emergency Closing) and not receive Emergency Closing hours as compensatory time or pay.

If you are working remotely, please check with your supervisor to confirm which applies to you. View answers to frequently asked questions regarding emergency delays/closures (Plan B) on the UK HR website by clicking here
Notification Process For Delays/Closures
The University of Kentucky has an emergency notification system, UK Alert, to communicate official information during an emergency or crisis situation that disrupts normal operation of the campus or threatens the health or safety of members of the campus community.
All University of Kentucky students, staff, and faculty are automatically registered in UK Alert with their official university e-mail address. Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to add other contact information such as mobile numbers and personal e-mails to their UK Alert accounts. UK Alert delivers messages to subscribers on a "best effort" basis to the devices registered by each user.
The announcements regarding the cancellation of classes, closure of offices or delay of classes and offices opening will normally be made by 6 am through a UK Alert. Other sources of up-to-date and complete information include the local media, the UK Infoline at (859) 257-5684, UK Cable Channel 184, the UK websites www.uky.edu and www.uky.edu/alerts, and the UKNow news website at www.uky.edu/uknow. UK Alert will be activated and provide limited information referring people to the UK Alerts website for more information. It is often difficult for the local media to present complete information, since the local media are handling hundreds of calls. Please refer to the UK websites, UK Infoline, and Cable Channel 184 to stay informed. Early cancellations and dismissals during normal business hours will be announced via UK Alert, UK Infoline and the UK home page (www.uky.edu), UK Alerts page (www.uky.edu/alerts), and UKNow (www.uky.edu/uknow) websites as soon as a decision is made by University officials.
In addition to notifying the university community through UK Alerts and traditional forms of local media, the cancellation of classes, closure of offices, or delay of classes and offices opening due to severe weather will also be posted to UK’s official social media accounts on Facebook and X.

Know the Codes & PA System Messages

  • Code Red: Fire, evacuate the building quickly
  • Code Pink (infant/child abduction): ERF’s/FRO’s are required to man all exits and stop anyone with bag/box, check these before allowing to exit until all clear is announced
  • Code Silver /Active Shooter: Find safe shelter
  • Tornado: Find the Safe Shelter
  • Code Yellow (mass casualty): Be aware, Emergency Department (ED) getting victims, medical staff may be asked to stay over
  • Code Blue: Cardio/Pulm arrest (Patient Unresponsive, No Pulse, Not Breathing)
  • Assistance Please: Nothing unless CPI trained, report to area if trained
  • Shelter in Place: Chemical/Biological Release – Don’t leave building
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